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Search object in an array

Posted in Javascript, JQuery

You can find any element in an array based on index of that element. But what if you want to find an object in an array of objects based on any of the property. You can use filter function of JQuery.

JQuery filter (selection) function returns an element or array of elements that matches specified criteria. If provided selection parameter matches with any of the element in an array it returns that particular element or array of elements.


  $(selector).filter (selection, function(index){
       // Process elements here
    Selector is a set of DOM elements or array of objects.
    Selection is a filter parameter which is used to match with the elements in array.
    function(index) is a callback function which used to process the elements in filtered array.


Consider an example of employee’s data. Find list of employee’s based on their age.

    var employees=[
        {name:"George", age:32, retiredate:"March 12, 2014"},
        {name:"Edward", age:17, retiredate:"June 2, 2023"},
        {name:"Christine", age:58, retiredate:"December 20, 2036"},
        {name:"Sarah", age:62, retiredate:"April 30, 2020"}

   var age=32;
   var employeesFound = employees.filter(function(obj) {
    return obj.age== age;

In above case, employeesFound array contains an employee object with an age of 32. You can find employees with age greater than 32.

    var employeesFound = employees.filter(function( obj) {
     return obj.age> age;